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zum: INSPEX HD 1080p Table video-microscope
INSPEX HD 1080p Table video-microscope | Kataloški broj: AS-FI-801-017
Ime proizvoda:INSPEX HD 1080p Table video-microscope
Proizvođač:ASH Technologies
Kataloški broj:AS-FI-801-017
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INSPEX HD 1080p Table video-microscope
  • Innovative video-microscope using Full HD technology
  • Maximum magnification: x237 (with optional 10 dioptres lens)
  • System is equipped as standard in 4 dioptres lens, provides magnification in range x1.8-x98
  • Observation in comfortable position no operator fatigue
  • Workspace (from table top to camera): 100-250 mm
  • Possibility of archive images by using USB
  • Easy adjustment of head height and angle
  • Excellent image quality
  • ESD protected - grounding wire
  • LED lighting with angle adjustment built into the arm

INSPEX HD 1080p Table video-microscopeis widely used in various applications, especially those used in industry, example:
  • electronic
  • precision engineering
  • plastics 
  • medicine
  • mechanic
  • automation 
  • energy 
  • optics
  • laboratories
  • aviation
  • printing
  • pharmacy 
  • and many others

Inspex HD 1080p system offers user the highest image resolution of observed object, colour reproduction and contrast.

Thanks to build in USB port, Inspex HD 1080p instantly takes pictures and save them on pendrive.

Possibility to display a measuring grid and cursors to perform measurements without a PC.

On-screen display
Displaying on the monitor current settings such as current zoom, focus/exposure.

Wide Dynamic Range
Function uses of complex algorithms for image analysis. This results in a dynamic change in value of overexposed or underexposed pixels of observed object to reveal underexposed elements. Thus, a user gains possibility of more detailed analysis despite high contrast.

White Balance
Elimination of dominating colours coming from various light sources, e.g. fluorescent lighting.

Noise Reduction
Noise reduction eliminates all noise, to provide a clearer picture.


Inspex HD 1080p Table
Platform size: 24cm x 41cm
Height of folded set: 11cm
Height of unfolded set: 42cm
Weight: 2.5kg
Power consumption: 8W
Store at temperatures: -20  –  +60o
Operation in temperatures: 5  –  +40o
Auto monitor type search: Yes
Ports: HDMI, USB 2.0
Max.range of magnification: x1.8 - x237 (if appropriate lenses are used)
Resolution: HD 1080p, 1980 x 1080, 50/60 Hz
Autofocus: Yes
Control: Integrated with head (optional possibility of connecting external KP1 controler)
Functions: Brightness adjustment
Zoom adjustment
Distance adjustment
Image capture
Overview of saved images
High contrast

Standard equipment
Optional equipment
  • INSPEX HD 1080p Table video-microscope
  • 4 Dioptre lens
  • HDMI cord
  • Powers supply with exchangeable ends
  • Grounding cord
  • KP1 controller
  • 5 and 10 dioptres lenses
  • Ring lighting
  • Kit for polarisation of ring lighting
  • Diffusion filter
  • Ultraviolet lighting
  • Carry case
  • Software
  • XY table
  • Foot switch
  • Tilting platform